"Beloved ones, I am part of thy life. Thou canst not return to God except through the flame of the Mother. I am only one who embodies that flame. You may call to any representative of the Divine Mother in heaven, and the response will be the same from the very heart of God. And this is that you might know that you also are the representative of the Mother on earth. For all who live are the divine emanation of Her Light."
- Mother Mary

Adoration of the Mother

"The Mother light which lights up the galaxies is actually the Father's light in feminine form. Mother is the negative polarity of the Godhead - the 'other side' of Father who holds the positive 'Spirit' polarity of the Mother manifestation.

"Adoration of the Mother establishes the heart tie of the devotee to the God who is nearest and dearest because She is Him in Matter. By establishing that tie, the devotee links himself to the Father through the Mother. In reality it is the Father's desire that we know him first through the Mother - that we receive her love and creative disciplines, that we are prepared for our relationship with him as the Trinity through her path that leads Home.

"The teachings of all true gurus begin with Mother. They are guru because they love Mother."
- Serapis Bey

*   Spiritual teachers Elizabeth Clare Prophet and her twin flame Mark L. Prophet (Lanello) began teaching the path of Aquarius over 40 years ago. Because of her devotion to the Divine Mother, her students affectionately call Mrs. Prophet Mother. To learn more about these messengers please visit The Summit Lighthouse .

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