Mother and Lanello

Learn about the lives of Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Mother) and Mark L. Prophet (Lanello) and their role as messengers for the Great White Brotherhood, a spiritual organization that is thousands of years old.

Ascended Masters of Light

Based on the teachings of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood this site shows us the practical ways the masters work with us in our daily lives.

Your Cosmic Clock

Based on the landmark teachings by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the Cosmic Clock describes the soul's journey through life. The science of the clock charts the cycles of personal and planetary karma and allows you to plan for your spiritual initiations.

Aquarian Path

Coming Soon: Aquarian Path is a spiritual site designed for the Aquarian Age seeker that offers practical guidelines, teachings, tools and techniques to help you achieve your highest potential.

The Summit Lighthouse Inner Retreat

Official Summit Lighthouse Teachings on the Ascended Masters from Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

The Summit Lighthouse

The official source for the Teachings of the Ascended Masters from world-renowned authors, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet and their students. The Summit Lighthouse, a non-profit organization, has been meeting the needs of spiritual seekers for over 40 years.

Mystical Paths of the World's Religions

People who have walked the mystical path include saints, sages and yogis of all the world's religions, people not so different from you and me. What we have in common is the development of our intuitive faculties and higher consciousness through a steady and unwavering communion with God. Thus we pursue a path of spiritual practicality by which we pass our tests and gradually transcend this earthly plane of existence - ultimately to reunite with our Father-Mother God. Come, let us journey together...

Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality

Pocket Guides To Practical Spirituality is the best selling series of understandable modern discussion of the most important topics on the spiritual path. Taken from the years of teaching by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, each small pocket guide is packed full of easy to understand explanations.

The Shakespeare Code

What if the son of a queen was denied his heritage and couldn't talk about it for fear of his life? How could he make sure that future generations knew the real story? He found a way - by cipher. The prince is Sir Francis Bacon. For over 250 years the codes remained undiscovered until the late 1800's when a brilliant young surgeon revealed their secrets to the scorn and ridicule of the clergy and press. Yet his method and fascinating device led to the astounding conversion of many ardent detractors.

MY I AM Presence

The Chart of Your Divine Self illustrates your vast spiritual potential. Learn the basics of the chart as it applies to Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Zoroastrism.

I Am Alchemy

The basis of tithing is the recognition of God's ownership and man's stewardship. The main reward of this recognition is increased spirituality. Improvement in our financial affairs is really secondary to the great closeness we feel to God as we are willing to enter into a working partnership with him.

Spiritual Transformation Network

We offer information on the violet flame, mantras, spiritual practices and meditations for spiritual and world transformation, balancing karma, working with relationships and dealing with world pollution, based on the teachings of the ascended masters. We also feature RealAudio clips and How-To-s for the seeker of practical spirituality.

Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Learn more about the lives and teachings of two modern day mystics, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and explore the teachings of the Ascended Masters.

*   Spiritual teachers Elizabeth Clare Prophet and her twin flame Mark L. Prophet (Lanello) began teaching the path of Aquarius over 40 years ago. Because of her devotion to the Divine Mother, her students affectionately call Mrs. Prophet Mother. To learn more about these messengers please visit The Summit Lighthouse .

†   Teachings of the Ascended Masters for your spiritual path including Pearls of Wisdom are published by The Summit Lighthouse
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